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Chasing the elusive Wow

Confessions of a Kennebunkport photographer

My first ventures in photography beyond the obligatory family snapshots were with a Pentax Spotmatic long ago. Even then I loved taking unusual pictures, usually in black and white, because I found that the colors produced by color film development to be unsatisfactory. I moved on to a 35mm rangefinder, but eventually the cost of film and development equipment just became too much to afford. Years passed, and I moved on to computers, and then to doing video and video production, and computer graphic design on computers, a lot of it being done with an Amiga, which I felt to be, indeed, the computer for the "creative mind". I kept an eye on the early digital cameras, however, and by 1998 the first few digitals had become available for less than the cost of a new car, but were still capable of decent pictures with enough image quality to use them on web pages. I justified the purchase of an Epson digital so I could create a webpage with a Kennebunkport "Picture of the Day" theme to share with the growing number of friends I was making at, the internet version of my Mousam River Community BBS. For more of that history please click here - has changed little over the years, I've left it pretty much the way it was in 1998, although the Picture of the Day page has grown to become Mutley's Kennebunkport Photographic Gallery, and it is quite popular, and has made me friends with wonderful people from around the world.


My philosophy is simple, there are
Wow pictures almost everywhere, you just have to learn to see them, and be willing to sacrifice a little comfort to find and take them. I love to do winter sunsets, but remember it often means standing in one place for a long time in a strong wind in freezing weather. Anyone can take a picture of a beach, but sometimes it's the sand castle that you should be looking at, and sometimes the tree is more important than the forest.

As time passes I find myself doing more and more photography, selling framed photographs of Maine, mostly over the internet at my Port-Gifts website, although building custom computers and designing websites is still a big love. My pictures have appeared on some 40 websites, in newspapers and magazines, and on television, but I still try and keep focused on where I started, sharing my vision and the beauty of Maine with people from all around the world. I hope you enjoy my pictures, whether on Mutley's Page, or at home hanging on your own wall, and that they give you a moment of peace and beauty in an otherwise crazy world.

John Maguire 27 July, 2004

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John Maguire on a photo shoot on a cold January day



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